Red lipstick is a classic color that every woman should have in her collection. Usually when  putting on a red lipstick we tend to save it for something special, a wedding, date night, or concert, right? The instant glam that a red lipstick can bring to your face is unmatched. So why do we keep this wonderful color of lipstick only for celebrations? Why shouldn’t you be putting on red lipstick everyday? Weather rocking sweats,jeans or a tailored suit a red lip will pop any outfit.


Our lipstick provides a long-lasting and hydrating color so comfortable you’ll forget you're wearing it. Saturated color no matter your skin tone. The  cream-to demi matte formula glides across your lips.

"Left on Red" Demi Matte Lipstick

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  • How to Use

    Apply “Left on Red” Demi Matte Lipstick or “Say It” Liquid Lipstick: All the prep work is done, Now for the fun! Simply apply your “Left on Red” lipstick onto your lips. Carefully blend the color between your lip pencil outline. You can swipe the lipstick from center to corner in 1 quick motion or you can dot it onto your lips using small dashes. *Do what’s easiest for you. *