Red lipstick is a classic color that every woman should have in her collection. Usually when  putting on a red lipstick we tend to save it for something special, a wedding, date night, or concert, right? The instant glam that a red lipstick can bring to your face is unmatched. So why do we keep this wonderful color of lipstick only for celebrations? Why shouldn’t you be putting on red lipstick everyday? Weather rocking sweats,jeans or a tailored suit a red lip will pop any outfit.


Our liquid lipstick provides a long-lasting and matte color so comfortable you’ll forget you're wearing it. Saturated color no matter your skin tone. The liquid  matte formula glides across your lips for a flawless finish.


Color lips to perfection with our  Lip Liner, enhancing lips to create a full, plump pout. With medium-to-full coverage and a true matte finish, the R.M.L lip liner adds more definition to your favorite "That Looks Like Me" matte lip colors.

"Say It" Liquid Matte Lipstick Kit

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  • Make sure that you apply some more lip balm after you have removed the liquid lipstick to restore any lost moisture.