Color lips to perfection with our  Lip Liner, enhancing lips to create a full, plump pout. With medium-to-full coverage and a true matte finish, the R.M.L lip liner adds more definition to your favorite "That Looks Like Me" matte lip colors.

"R.M.L"(Red my Lips) Liner

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  • How to Use:

    Prep Your Lips. Use a lip scrub to gently brush off any dead skin, to create a smooth canvas.

    Part your lips slightly and apply our  R.M.L(Read my lips) Long-Wearing Lip Liner,  using short strokes. Try to follow your natural lip shape for a more natural look. Be gentle not to tug as you draw the pencil across your lips, dont press too hard.

    Line your lips with our  R.M.L(Read my lips) Long-Wearing Lip Liner then apply matching Demi Matte "Left on Red" or "Say It" Liquid  Lipstick shade for weightless,bright, bold,rich full coverage that lasts all day!